Terms and conditions

Members must accept our terms and conditions when registering their account. You will be notified of any subsequent change to these terms by email.

  1. Subscription payments are collected monthly on the anniversary of the date of the first payment.
  2. Membership must be active and fully paid for pins to be reviewed.
  3. By becoming a member you authorize us to correspond with Pinterest on your behalf for the reporting and removal of stolen pins only. We do not need access to your Pinterest account.
  4. Each month you will have the opportunity to request a review of a fixed number of pins according to your membership level. Only one request can be submitted each month, within 28 days of your payment and you cannot carry over any unused allowance from a previous month.
  5. You do not need to request a review every month nor request review of the maximum number of pins in order to keep your membership active.
  6. Every effort will be made to verify URLs prior to reporting pins so that only spam and unauthorised sites are reported. We will attempt to differentiate between genuine and unauthorized use of your image.
  7. The Pin Detective and its staff make no guarantees that your reach or traffic from Pinterest will improve if fake pins are removed and cannot accept any responsibility for any unforeseen or unintended consequences of our approved actions.
  8. The Pin Detective and its staff can not be held responsible for any errors or omissions made by Pinterest while processing any DMCA Takedown Notice or other correspondence.
  9. The Pinterest account owner retains full responsibility for action taken that affects their pins or account.