Fun art and crafts classes in the Cayman Islands

Introduction to acrylic pouring

A fluid art class for pouring beginners. 2 hours of amazing painting fun that everyone can do.

Mastering the swipe

Swiping is a mainstay of the acrylic pouring movement but it can be tricky to master. In this class you'll get the opportunity to try several tools and techniques.

Acrylic pouring fun time

Already tried pouring before? Then this acrylic pouring fun time could be for you. Leave your supplies at home and still pour while on vacation.

Acrylic pouring dip technique

If you want to make matching acrylic pours, you can do it with a dip. This technique also gives you more control over color placement.

Online classes also available

Not in Grand Cayman? You can still take an online class anywhere in the world to learn a new skill.

Ready to get crafty and make some art?

Take a private class

If you are living in or visiting the Cayman Islands, it would be my pleasure to arrange a private arts and crafts class with you and your friends. I'll come to you at your hotel or private accommodation, and bring everything with me for a fun class. Learn acrylic pouring, polymer clay, acrylic painting, jewelry making and more.

Take an online class

No matter where you are, I can still teach you even if we can't meet in person. I have an increasing number of online classes available. These classes are fully on-demand, lifetime access and video based, so it's like I'm right there with you explaining it all step by step. You can also ask questions via the online platform.

Buy some art

If you want to take a little piece of Cayman home with you after a vacation or decorate your Caymanian home with locally made art, I have pieces large and small for all budgets. I can send to the USA or deliver on the island. There are items both decorative and functional in my Etsy shop. Some great gifts ideas too.

Class resources

If you are taking a class with me that requires downloaded materials and resources, you will find them here. Click here and select your class on the next page to find the materials, images, links, downloads and checklists. Pre-class homework will make sure you arrive ready to make the most of your lesson.
Your vacation time is the perfect time to have new experiences and try things you've not done before. Whether it's a rainy day, something fun to do while your partner goes diving, or a laugh with a few friends, a private painting or crafting party could be just what you need to make this vacation the best one yet.
Go back home a new person! Inspired, creative, skilled in a new hobby. Don't bore people with your photos. Impress them with what you made!
All in-person classes are offered in conjunction with the Art Nest Cayman.
Customer testimonial:
Jo-Ann - "I look forward to doing any classes Deby teaches. She has a very pleasant way of sharing her love and knowledge of what ever she teaches. Debys detailed step by step instructions will leave you with all the knowledge you need to complete the project at hand. She gives you options and explains why she makes the decisions she does, without claiming her way is the best or right way, leaving you to make your own decision. I will follow Deby in what ever she is teaching."
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