Your blog essentials checklist to download

Are you missing out on some of the basic essentials on your site? Blogging essentials checklist to download so you can carry out a quick site audit and check ALL those boxes!

Are you missing out?  Is there an essential feature that every site should have that is missing from your site?  Does this mean you are missing out on traffic, followers or missing out on potential opportunities? It’s really important to have the right elements on your site if you want to succeed.  Sometimes in the whole excitement of setting up and then the rush to create content and share all the ideas you have on your mind just waiting to explode out – you can miss some of the fundamentals. If you want: great engagement from your readers easy navigation … Continue reading

Are people talking about you? Find out!

How to find out easily what people are saying about you online without even having to search for it! Free tool will let you know where you are being mentioned as it happens! (Video how-to)

Are people talking about you online? Mentioning your name or your site and you don’t know?  Well, of course it can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing and something you need to keep on top of.  Many sites are set up to automatically send trackbacks to notify you if a link is made to your site or articles, but many are not, and many don’t do this deliberately because they might have something to hide. How do you keep on top of this exactly?  There are tens of millions of websites out there writing … Continue reading

My first consultancy service – get a blog review

Get a 15 minute website review or blog critique, by video. Reviewer visits your site for the first time live on camera and gives their impressions, tests out some of the pages and functions and carries out a test you ask for such as signing up to your newsletter.

One of the ways you can make money from your site is to offer products and services for sale. That can be physical products such as items you’ve made, or digital products such as e-book downloads, planners, sewing patterns etc.  Or you can sell your expertise, your know-how and experience. That’s what I’m starting to offer on this site on my Hire Me page.  The benefit of my expertise and experience in blogging, creating successful sites, and earning good money from them. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to get a site review and critique, all made live on camera … Continue reading

Turn your Etsy shop into a sales machine! Video class

I heard back from several of you that you really enjoyed and benefited from an earlier class I told you about on Creative Live, called Monetize Your Craft.  Well today I’m delighted to give you the heads-up on another class that I think you’ll probably LOVE if you have an Etsy store, or similar, or were thinking of starting one. In this class on Creative Live called Turn Your Etsy Shop Into a Sales Machine, the instructor Lisa Jacobs will teach you over 3 full sessions how to: Build an Etsy Storefront that sells What it takes to get your Etsy … Continue reading

Why I decided not to have a Facebook page

Should you have a Facebook page or a Facebook group to promote your blog? This article looks at both options and does make a compelling argument based on real statistics about which might work best for you. Looks like groups are rockin' it compared to pages!

Have you checked out my social media accounts?  You can find the social media icons under the welcome message on the sidebar if you are on a desktop or laptop, and you’ll see the usual array of suspects.  Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Bloglovin, an email link and an icon for Facebook.  But have you ever clicked on the Facebook icon?  It doesn’t take you quite where you might expect – no Facebook PAGE for me.  I decided instead not to start a Facebook page when I started this blog – I decided to start a GROUP instead.  Here’s why. How does … Continue reading

My first blog earnings report

Blog earnings for Jan 2016. My first month blogging on my new site. Breakdown of where I earned the income that gave me total earnings of more than $1000. Check out the 4 action points from this article and complete the here

It’s fairly common these days for anyone who writes about blogging and making money online to produce a monthly earnings report. These are usually the most visited pages on the site and can give an insight into what is working and not, and what tools and services each of those money-making bloggers are using. When I used to write at Moms Make Money, I produced a monthly income report for the first two years of my business, and stopped because I felt it was getting a bit embarrassing how much the sites were earning! I really never expected them to … Continue reading

How to make Lists in Twitter & 20 ways to use them

How to make lists in Twitter. Step by step to learn why and then how to make lists in Twitter and what they can do for you and your blog/business. Bonus - 20+ ideas on how to use your lists.

  It’s funny how sometimes we can miss the obvious, and this is one area that I’ve been missing out on so maybe some of you have too.  Twitter LISTS – I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I saw someone I was following had ‘Lists’ shown on their profile so I had to learn more about what they are, how to set them up and why you might want one or more lists on Twitter. A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. … Continue reading

Genuine work at home earning opportunity for bloggers

At last a genuine work at home opportunity for moms, retired, students and more. No skills required, just a computer, tablet or cell phone. Earn money reviewing and testing websites. Free to join, quick to learn, and fun to do! $3 for a 5 min review or $10 for a 15 min review.

Last week I wrote an article about how you could get a free video critique/review of your website, blog, or social media account or page via Peek.  Have you done that yet?  If not, you really should give it a try to find out exactly how a first-time visitor to your site navigates around, what their first impression are, and more.  Plus, it’s free.  You can get up to three reviews a month. So now assuming you got your review(s), what did you think about it?  Is this something you can see yourself doing as a reviewer?  There are lots … Continue reading