How to use custom colors on your blog

How to use those mysterious 'hex codes' for colors to create your own unique color scheme for your blog, with matching graphics. Easy to follow Picmonkey video tutorial too. Ah ha moment - now I understand!

I wrote previously on how to find and choose a custom color scheme for your site and brand, including a little about why color is important and how it helps to decide on your ‘look’ early on so you don’t have a lot of things to change up later. Now you’ve chosen your color scheme, how do you actually use it?  How do you get those colors into the design elements of your site?  How can you create banners, headers and graphics using those colors you’ve chosen as your signature? What can you do with those custom colors to ‘claim’ … Continue reading

The day I took my laptop apart! There is a point to this…

My laptop broke down and learning how to successfully repair it myself taught me 3 valuable lessons about blogging and what we have to offer the world.

There IS a point to this apparently pointless article.  In fact there are three points I want to make.  Sometimes we all ramble on and on with a good intention, but there is always a reason why and the random ramblings here are no exception. The point for me – my laptop stopped working and I needed it fixed.  That’s where I started with this, but come the end of my trials with screwdriver, I realised there was more to this than just the necessity of repairing something that was broken. So it all started when I answered a few emails … Continue reading

Picking a blog color scheme

How your color scheme affects the 'feel' of you site. How to pick and use the color scheme that's right for your audience.

There are just SO many things to think about when you start a site and it can be utterly overwhelming. So many decisions to be made, many of which you might have to live with for a long time once you get established. ‘Branding’ is just one of those decisions and it’s so much easier if you can get the job done properly at the start and not have to revisit things later to do the work again.  With that in mind, I wanted to decide on a blog color scheme early in the site’s design so that sidebar graphics, headers, … Continue reading

Which affiliate marketing merchants are best for your blog?

More than 40 recommended merchant affiliate programs to sign up for. I had no idea these all gave free stuff, or such huge discounts to their affiliates!

Affiliate marketing always was, and still is, the largest segment of my earnings, both from my sewing site and my previous blogging site.  Everyone always wanted to know how I did it.  Which affiliate marketing merchants pay the best?  Well, I’ll reveal more in a later article about my thoughts, tips and strategies for affiliate marketing but for now, here’s a thought for you. “Many small streams may combine to make a mighty river.” (Danish proverb I believe.) Why restrict yourself to 3 or 4 merchants to work with when there are thousands out there to choose from.  Now of … Continue reading

How NOT to make a simple cake

What the hell is wrong with my cooking! I can't even make a simple cake from a packet without this happening. Give me your help please...

So I mentioned that I wanted to learn to cook this year.  I think it’s about time I worked on this problem.  In fairness I never had a good example of good home cooking when I was a child and growing up.  My mother’s idea of a fabulous meal was meat cooked until it was so hard and dry that you had to add gravy just to make it edible, teamed with vegetables that had been boiled in heavily salted water for at least an hour.  Add a can of ready-made rice pudding for dessert and that was a gourmet … Continue reading

The start of something new

The start of something new for 2016 from Deby Coles

So New Year, another birthday passed (yesterday on 1st January) and a new opportunity to start afresh and do things differently.  So here I am, starting something new and deciding I really should do things differently.  What is this going to be?  I really don’t know yet. What am I going to write about?  I suspect I’ll ramble on a lot because I usually do although I plan to write partly about my online experiences in the blogging world.  I also hope to learn how to cook this year.  And maybe lose a few pounds – although I’m not sure … Continue reading