Your Pinterest Private Eye

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The Pin Detective protects your brand on Pinterest.

Let us track down, report and remove your stolen pin images from Pinterest. Together we will clean up Pinterest, one pin at a time.

Your pin image on Pinterest has been hijacked and is sending traffic to a spam site. We can help.

That sinking feeling in your stomach when you see one of your most popular pins pop up in your own Pinterest feed only to realise that the URL it points to is not your own site, but something spammy or irrelevant. Your pin has been hijacked.

It takes a lot of time to track them down, report to Pinterest and get them removed and you’re already insanely busy creating great content. But we can take this off your hands each month and protect your hard work.

What we do

Find the stolen images

Using one of your genuine pins, we’ll check Pinterest for pins using that same image but linking somewhere else, other than your site’s URL.

Check the spam links

Matching pin images are checked, the URLs visited and we verify which pins are genuine and which lead to spammy websites.

Report stolen pins

We issue an official DMCA Takedown Notice to Pinterest to report all those stolen pin images and send a copy of the notice to you.

Get them taken down

Pinterest usually removes all the reported pins within a couple of days, leaving all of the genuine pins untouched.