I’ve built and run several popular websites and blogs over the last 10 years, across several niches. Without exception, Pinterest has been the most instrumental platform in getting those new sites off the ground, growing their traffic and bringing in readers, subscribers and sales.

It’s potential is enormous as many of you will know of course. But recently it seems to be attracting a bad crowd. Spam sites set up with minimal or poorly written content can earn big bucks from advertising income by stealing popular pins and redirecting all those clicks to their spammy site. It’s not even difficult to do it. Just Google Pinterest Scraper and you’ll see how an account can automate the stealing of your pins.

Each month my team would spend hours tracking down these pins that were stealing traffic, ad $ and precious resources from my sites. Not to mention smearing my brand when pinners clicked from a pin with my site name on it and arrived somewhere spammy.

This annoys the hell out of me, to see my hard work stolen (and yours) and used to profit dishonest people. I’m determined to close down as many of these accounts as I can.

I’ve had great success working with a few clients as a special exercise to take down as many stolen pins as we can find. But new scrapers and accounts keep on coming and pins keep on getting stolen. This monthly service aims to keep things in check on an ongoing basis.

I hope you’ll join me in the effort to clean up Pinterest for us all.