How to use custom colors on your blog

How to use those mysterious 'hex codes' for colors to create your own unique color scheme for your blog, with matching graphics.  Easy to follow Picmonkey video tutorial too.  Ah ha moment - now I understand!

How your color scheme affects the 'feel' of you site. How to pick and use the color scheme that's right for your audience.I wrote previously on how to find and choose a custom color scheme for your site and brand, including a little about why color is important and how it helps to decide on your ‘look’ early on so you don’t have a lot of things to change up later.

Now you’ve chosen your color scheme, how do you actually use it?  How do you get those colors into the design elements of your site?  How can you create banners, headers and graphics using those colors you’ve chosen as your signature? What can you do with those custom colors to ‘claim’ them as your own.

Actually, it’s pretty easy!  In this video, I’ll show you how you can get the ‘hex codes’ for those colors you have chosen and then how you can use those codes to create custom banners for your site using PicMonkey.

How to use custom colors on your site and in your own graphics


Now you can create sidebar graphics, or a header, business card, Facebook cover etc, all using those custom colors to give your site that branded feel that is instantly recognisable as yours.  Or you can change up your menu colors, sidebar headers, and other areas of your site to reflect your feel and the image you want to create for a really cohesive look.  I chose to make the links within my text really stand out by making them a bright blue and then changing to a hot pink when you hover over them.  Check that out here – LINK CHANGES COLOR WHEN YOU HOVER

Here are the simple sidebar banners I created as place-markers for links through to site content in future. That’s a good way to audition your color scheme before committing yourself to an entire redesign and these can be very quickly and easily made in all of your new colors.


Want to give PicMonkey a try?  It’s a great online tool to edit your photos, resize, crop, brighten them up, add text and even to create your own graphics from scratch, or the perfect Pinterest images and Facebook covers using their ready made templates.  Psst, if you want to touch up your photos to remove some of those wrinkles and even make yourself look slimmer, the Royale paid-for version has beautification tools that I admit I’ve used more than once – don’t tell!  😉

Try out PicMonkey here.

Bonus Tip – Want to know the Hex Code for other colors to create your own custom color scheme?  Check out this list of 500+ colors, their proper name and the hex code you can use to make any combination of colors you like!

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7 Responses to How to use custom colors on your blog

  1. This is awesome, videos like this are my blogging saviour haha

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful info. I’ve tried Picmonkey to create some of my collage images and it’s very user friendly.

  3. Faye says:

    I’ve always wondered how to do this – very helpful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Rhi says:

    I use for colour hex codes and matching colours together – it’s awesome.

  5. Brittany says:

    This is such a great post! I love the colors in the sidebar. So eye catching. I am a loyal Pic Monkey user. Best picture editing options around!


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