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Jo-Ann Mitchell - "I look forward to doing any classes Deby teaches. She has a very pleasant way of sharing her love and knowledge of what ever she teaches. Debys detailed step by step instructions will leave you with all the knowledge you need to complete the project at hand. She gives you options and explains why she makes the decisions she does, without claiming her way is the best or right way, leaving you to make your own decision. I will follow Deby in what ever she is teaching."


Marsha Lawrence - "I've been through several of Deby Coles's classes over the last few years. As a student, I was (and still am) astounded at how well she organizes her curriculum, plans each component, and communicates the class material. She clearly articulates every lesson and her instructions move at a pace that is easy to follow and yet adaptable enough to challenge those who like to speed through courses. Her classes have a natural rhythm and flow that very few teachers can achieve. As a teacher of leisure arts myself, I am fascinated with Deby's ability to manage online classes, and maintain a professional attitude at all times -- during the video presentations, and while doing follow-up support for her students. Her methodology and charisma set the gold standard for teaching professionals in adult education. I happily and confidently endorse Deby Coles as an exceptional instructor, and quite frankly, one of my personal role models."

Barbara Crea - "I have learning and pouring for 7-8 months now. My attention, then love for this started when I watched a video by Deby. Was hooked immediately and have been watching all of Debbie's videos since. I have been able to ask her questions and she always responds immediately. I love Debys work and am hoping to take her geode class soon. I am so happy for Deby!! Love her!!!"


Cappy - "Was just getting started and Debys class and u tube videos very extremely helpful. She’ makes things easy to understand and she loves sparkles. LOL!"

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