Are people talking about you? Find out!

How to find out easily what people are saying about you online without even having to search for it! Free tool will let you know where you are being mentioned as it happens! (Video how-to)Are people talking about you online? Mentioning your name or your site and you don’t know?  Well, of course it can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing and something you need to keep on top of.  Many sites are set up to automatically send trackbacks to notify you if a link is made to your site or articles, but many are not, and many don’t do this deliberately because they might have something to hide.

How do you keep on top of this exactly?  There are tens of millions of websites out there writing (or scraping) goodness knows how many articles every day. It’s impossible to monitor them all unless, let’s say, you are an online global super-power who already monitors everything that happens on the internet.  Hmm, who do we know that already does that?

Harness the power of Google!

Google already monitors websites for their content so we can put their massive computer and search power to work for our own purposes.  Introducing the free, easy and automatic Google Alerts.

You can set up Google Alerts to send you an email when it finds new content with keywords or phrases that you are interested in.  That could be your name, your website name, a product, a celebrity, a URL, anything!  Let’s take a look at how it works.

TIP – remember to use quotation marks in your search query if you want Google to search for an exact match, otherwise you’ll get too many notifications for articles that contain all of the words, but not necessarily all in the right order.

So what can you do with this knowledge?

Now you can find out where your site or product is being mentioned, you can take action!  That could be to go over and leave a comment and a thank you on a blog article.

Or PIN the article or share it on social media if doing so would be favorable or result in more traffic coming back to you via the site you link to.

Or if you find a review for one of your products where a customer had an issue, you can contact them and offer to rectify it for them.  They’ll be so impressed with that!

Or if you find a site has used your pictures, tutorial or recipe without your permission and without the proper credit, then you can contact them and ask for the content to be correctly linked back to your post or taken down.

That’s all there is to it.  Quick and simple to set up, but really powerful.  Now you can comment and thank people who link to you, mention you and review your products, or use social media to promote those articles and bring in even more readers and buyers.

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  1. Jayne says:

    This was great information, Got mine set up and now maybe I’ll learn something. Thank you.

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