Why do you need ‘hosting’ for your website?

Hosting 101, what is hosting, how does it work, why do you need it and what sorts of hosting are there to choose from?

So you bought a domain name for your website or blog.  Great!  But now you have that, what can you actually do with it?  In truth, not much.  You have an address, a bit like a mailbox or PO Box number, but you don’t have any property.  No place to anchor your virtual mailbox.  Nowhere you can call ‘home’ for your new planned website. To build your blog or website, you need real estate.  A cleared piece of land on which you can build, where you can anchor your mailbox that is your domain name address, and where people can visit … Continue reading

Become an affiliate for Grammarly

With a $25 sign up bonus, lead commission on free sign ups and $20 flat rate per sale, this is a great affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers.

Have you ever heard of Grammarly before? If not, you should go and check it out because it’s a great service. Since my stroke, my language skills aren’t what they were. Sometimes I misspell words, but more than likely I will use the wrong word altogether. It’s spelled correctly, but it’s the wrong word in the wrong place. Normally a regular spell-checker can’t pick up on this sort of problem, so I installed Grammarly and now my writing has really improved. I highly recommend it to anyone who writes online, such as blogging, or even for things like emails, forums … Continue reading

Get a free video critique of your site

This exciting free service was introduced to me recently, and I just HAD to let you know about it.  Do you ever wonder what someone thinks when they arrive at your site for the first time?  Do they like the look, the feel, the colors, the layout?  What about the navigation?  Can they find what they are looking for quickly?  Do you make it easy for them to follow you if they want to?  If you have ever wanted to get honest, unbiased feedback about your website, then Peek is for you. Peek is a free service where you can … Continue reading

Easiest way to add social media icons to your blog

Simply the quickest and easiest way to add stylish and custom social media icons to your Wordpress website. Wow, I had struggled so much - wish I'd seen this earlier!

Getting traffic to your website is the ultimate goal of most bloggers.  Traffic leads to followers, sales, income – or whatever else the goal might be for your site.  Having an active following on social media is a great way to get visits to your site, but in order to do that you have to actually show your visitors clearly where and how they can follow you.  This is often easily achieved by adding a section of social media icons to your sidebar. In the past, when I first started it wasn’t so easy.  You had to find a set … Continue reading

Video class – Monetize your Craft

Free video class. Monetize Your Craft. All the ways your creative skills can be used to make money, and it extends well beyond just making things to sell! Interesting sections on licensing and getting published too.

I know that many of you following along will be ‘crafty’. You make things either as a hobby, for enjoyment, for gifts or to sell. Blogging is only one way to monetize your crafting habit. In this class on Creative Live called Monetize Your Craft, the instructor Vickie Howell, will teach over nine lessons how to: Pitch your ideas to publishers Get your creations licensed Feel confident when selling, and talking about your craft Promote yourself and your craft and lots more. “Whether you want to make just a little bit of extra spending cash for your family, or if … Continue reading

How to use Grammarly for perfect spelling and grammar

Would you say that you have good spelling and grammar?  Do you even think that it’s important these days?  Surveys still continue to show that despite an overall ‘dumbing down’ of language skills through tweets, hashtags, status updates and text messaging, using the correct spelling and grammar can be the difference between success and failure.  The difference between getting a job or being rejected.  The difference between getting that extra page view and new follower, or irritating your readers and loosing them forever. I used to be great at writing, but when I had my stroke, my language skills were affected … Continue reading

Best stock image site for your blog (83% off voucher!)

Had to pass this on. This site is offering 83% off a yearly subscription to a great stock image site for professional photos, illutrations, graphics, banners, graphics, everything you need for your blog. Costs the same for a whole year that most are for the month!

In blogging, sometimes appearances are everything!  Have you ever wished you could create a more professional appearance for your site by using some of those awesome images, photos, graphics and banners that you see other ‘big’ bloggers using?  Of course, we all do.  If you really want to ROCK IT on Pinterest, then you need the very best graphics and photos to share for your pinnable images, to get the most repins, likes and clicks back to your site. But stock image websites are SO expensive, typically anywhere from $49-$199 a month to join.  Most smaller bloggers can’t justify that … Continue reading

WordPress Plugins – a beginners guide

I’m a dedicated WordPress blogger.  I wouldn’t use anything else, and one of the reasons why is the huge array of add-ons you can get to the WordPress system that basically allow your site to be customised in thousands of different ways, and to function exactly how you like, and in ways you can only start to imagine! These add-ons to the basic framework are called WordPress Plugins and here is my beginner’s guide on what they can do, how to find and install them, and just a few ways you can use them. What exactly is a WordPress Plugin? … Continue reading