Genuine work at home earning opportunity for bloggers

At last a genuine work at home opportunity for moms, retired, students and more. No skills required, just a computer, tablet or cell phone. Earn money reviewing and testing websites. Free to join, quick to learn, and fun to do! $3 for a 5 min review or $10 for a 15 min review.

Last week I wrote an article about how you could get a free video critique/review of your website, blog, or social media account or page via Peek.  Have you done that yet?  If not, you really should give it a try to find out exactly how a first-time visitor to your site navigates around, what their first impression are, and more.  Plus, it’s free.  You can get up to three reviews a month.

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So now assuming you got your review(s), what did you think about it?  Is this something you can see yourself doing as a reviewer?  There are lots of sites submitting their content for review, not just bloggers like us, but corporations, e-commerce stores, sites and attractions, and lots more.  They all want their site or app user tested by us, the public, regular people.  And they are willing to pay for it!

This is a great add-on to your blogging job.  You get to check out other websites, pick up all the best and worst bits from your reviewing and use it to make your own site better.  Plus earning a little extra on the side is never a bad thing.

You can join User Testing and work from home when you have 10-20 minutes spare completing a review of someone else’s website.  You don’t need to be an expert, just an average, everyday person with access to a computer, or a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone that connects to the internet.

Genuine work at home opportunity. Get paid to review websites with UserTesting.

You don’t need any special equipment, although a microphone is essential. Usually, your laptop/tablet/phone has one built in, or you can simply add a headset and microphone to a desktop computer. You download a small piece of screen recording software that records your voice as you explain what tasks you are carrying out and also records where your mouse moves and clicks on the screen.  It’s as easy as that.

You don’t have to be shy because it’s completely anonymous.  The site owner doesn’t know your name or anything about you, so you should give your honest opinion.

How much can I earn

There are two different levels of assignments:

  1. A 5-minute test.  A very simple 5-minute video review of a site with just the requirement to give first impressions and review the site’s usability on pages of your choosing – just like the free review you had on your own site.  This pays $3 for a 5-minute review.
  2. A 15-20 minute test.  A more in-depth review of a larger site, or where specific tasks have to be carried out, such as find opening hours, book a train ticket, etc.  This may be followed up with a few written questions where you rate the site on a score 1-10 typically.  This 15-20 minute site review pays $10.

How do you apply?

  1. Complete the application form at User Testing here.
  2. Once accepted, you’ll be sent a link to some short training videos and the link to download the recording software to your computer
  3. Then you carry out a short website review where you’ll be asked to complete 2 or 3 easy tasks.  This is your job interview so you should do your best.
  4. Once the job interview has been reviewed you’ll be accepted into the program, and you’ll see the list of available jobs for the first time. Some come with pre-screeners that ask certain questions about you to determine if you are the right kind of user they are looking for.  Some are just open to anyone to complete.
  5. Complete your first real test and then it’s reviewed and given a star-rating 1-5.  Once your first test is accepted, you are ready to get to work and accept any new tests that come your way or take your fancy.

What about payment?

Payment is sent to your PayPal email address 7 days after you complete the test.

I’m only just signed up myself so I’m too new to know how many opportunities you might get each week.  I understand from others who have been using this service for longer, that testing opportunities can be busy at times and then quiet at other times.  I don’t think you’ll get rich quick with this service, but it’s an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars doing something that you enjoy anyway – looking at other people’s websites and picking up great tips for your own!

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  1. Cristal says:

    To be honest, this sounds too good to be true, but sounds amazing none the less. Who knew you could paid to do that?!

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