My first blog earnings report

Blog earnings for Jan 2016. My first month blogging on my new site. Breakdown of where I earned the income that gave me total earnings of more than $1000. Check out the 4 action points from this article and complete the here

It’s fairly common these days for anyone who writes about blogging and making money online to produce a monthly earnings report. These are usually the most visited pages on the site and can give an insight into what is working and not, and what tools and services each of those money-making bloggers are using.

When I used to write at Moms Make Money, I produced a monthly income report for the first two years of my business, and stopped because I felt it was getting a bit embarrassing how much the sites were earning! I really never expected them to be so successful.  Now, I no longer have that problem, so it’s time to start them up again I think. So here goes with my first earnings report on my new site.

Month 1 – Jan 2016

I suppose I should start by saying that it’s not really month one.  Because of the cookie period on clicks on the sewing sites I used to run, I was still earning affiliate income in January for clicks that took place in November and December.  Those sites had significant traffic and earnings potential so I was able to enjoy some carry over affiliate earnings in January that I won’t benefit from going forward. Therefore, the earnings in January might well be more than I’m able to earn from this site during the rest of 2016 which is going to make the figures look a little odd.  Let’s use the $1000 a month as an income goal to reach by the end of the year, for me and if you aren’t earning well from your site yet, for you too.

Blog Income for January 2016

Total income – $1,007.64


Purchase of domain names – $28.34

NET INCOME JAN 2016 = $979.30


The site started with its first article on 3rd January but only really got going on 9th January with this article about which affiliate merchants are great to work with and offer the best bonuses and deals to their affiliates.  I recommend you read it if you haven’t already done so.

More than 40 recommended merchant affiliate programs to sign up for. I had no idea these all gave free stuff, or such huge discounts to their affiliates!I joined a couple of blogger discussion groups on Facebook and shared a couple of articles, but so far I’m going for a soft launch and haven’t really promoted the site.  In truth, I’m not yet decided what direction this site will go.  Will it just be an online diary for me to chat about whatever takes my fancy this week, or will I try to stick to the topic and write only with advice for new bloggers?  Not yet sure.  After the success of the previous sites and all the hard work that entails, I’m very much enjoying some down time and all the extra me-time right now.  I don’t plan for this site, or any others I might start, to get like that.  It was too much for one person to run.

So with minimal promotion in the first month, I couldn’t expect many visitors.  I won’t go by Analytics figures because as anyone starting out with a new site knows, you can get all sorts of bots and spam traffic messing up those early traffic numbers until I can filter those all out.  I also have a dynamic IP address so filtering out my own page views on GA isn’t easy either.  So let’s go with the visits from WordPress stats instead because those are far more accurate in this case.

Total page views in month 1 for my new site = just over 700. Not bad for a soft launch with no promo

Total page views for January = 706

Most popular pages in January:

  1. The home page
  2. Beginners guide to WordPress plugins
  3. How to use Grammarly
  4. Which affiliate marketing merchants are best for your blog
  5. Picking a blog color scheme

Plans for the next 3 months

With money in the bank from the previous sites, working crazy hard to earn as much as I can need not be a focus for me going forward. As hubby says, I can take some time off and enjoy the fruits of my success.  But that doesn’t mean I’ll be sat around idle. I always have plans for new projects to try offline as well as online, plus I really enjoy writing so I’ll be here each week with something new to tell you about. {Offline goal.  I’m hoping to train some of the wild chickens that live around here to leave me some nice fresh eggs each morning.  No idea how that is going to happen, it’s just a dream!  Any ideas?}

After starting out with some advertising on the site, I decided to remove that at the beginning of February.  Banner advertising such as Adsense only really pays if you have a large enough number of page views to justify it.  It slows down the loading speed of the site, and can make it look spammy.  My $0.70 earnings made me realise that for me starting out with such small traffic it really wasn’t worth it for me.  I’d rather you checked out my own blog buttons in the sidebars than click away to a different site.

I’m going to continue with the soft-launch and not promote the site during February while I’m still deciding on its direction and still building a starting library of useful content.  With such blogging success under my belt, I know that I have a LOT of great info and experience that I can pass on to you all, but it has to be worth my while.  Like all of you, my time is valuable, and my experience and what I have to teach could be life-changing.  It certainly changed my life and I very much want to do the same for some of you.

Blog earnings for Jan 2016. My first month blogging on my new site. Breakdown of where I earned the income that gave me total earnings of more than $1000. Check out the 4 action points from this article and complete the here

Master Classes

The Moms Make Money site I used to write was very much like this one, very much aimed at new bloggers starting out and if there is one thing I quickly realised, it was that new bloggers don’t want to invest in their sites.  They don’t want to spend money until they’ve made money.  I really do feel that’s just never going to work.  You have to invest in your business if you want it to be a business.  You have to invest in the training and the tools you need to be successful, especially if you’ve never run an online business before.  Why delay your success while you try to work things out on your own?

So my goal will be to bring you value from this site, but also encourage you to invest in yourselves, your site and your future. I’m not going to be giving away everything for free on this site because for the small audience I’m looking to work with on a more personal basis, that’s not sustainable for me.  There will be free content of course. However, if you truly want to get into the nitty gritty of exactly how I was making more than $20,000 a month, and went on to sell five websites, then you’ll want to join me on some of my webinars and master-classes I have planned, for access to that more in-depth and exclusive content.

Help me to help you by creating exactly the content you need to be more successful.  Complete this very short survey to let me know what your biggest blogging challenges are so I can create the exact content you need to exceed your goals in 2016. Click the orange button to take the survey.

Blogging challenges survey

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  1. Very nice and honest income report Deby, I have seen many bloggers sharing their monthly income report and this is really great help for many new blogger who have just started blogging. Keep up the good work

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