Why I decided not to have a Facebook page

Should you have a Facebook page or a Facebook group to promote your blog? This article looks at both options and does make a compelling argument based on real statistics about which might work best for you. Looks like groups are rockin' it compared to pages!

Have you checked out my social media accounts?  You can find the social media icons under the welcome message on the sidebar if you are on a desktop or laptop, and you’ll see the usual array of suspects.  Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Bloglovin, an email link and an icon for Facebook.  But have you ever clicked on the Facebook icon?  It doesn’t take you quite where you might expect – no Facebook PAGE for me.  I decided instead not to start a Facebook page when I started this blog – I decided to start a GROUP instead.  Here’s why. How does … Continue reading

How to make Lists in Twitter & 20 ways to use them

How to make lists in Twitter. Step by step to learn why and then how to make lists in Twitter and what they can do for you and your blog/business. Bonus - 20+ ideas on how to use your lists.

  It’s funny how sometimes we can miss the obvious, and this is one area that I’ve been missing out on so maybe some of you have too.  Twitter LISTS – I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I saw someone I was following had ‘Lists’ shown on their profile so I had to learn more about what they are, how to set them up and why you might want one or more lists on Twitter. A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. … Continue reading

Easiest way to add social media icons to your blog

Simply the quickest and easiest way to add stylish and custom social media icons to your Wordpress website. Wow, I had struggled so much - wish I'd seen this earlier!

Getting traffic to your website is the ultimate goal of most bloggers.  Traffic leads to followers, sales, income – or whatever else the goal might be for your site.  Having an active following on social media is a great way to get visits to your site, but in order to do that you have to actually show your visitors clearly where and how they can follow you.  This is often easily achieved by adding a section of social media icons to your sidebar. In the past, when I first started it wasn’t so easy.  You had to find a set … Continue reading