My first consultancy service – get a blog review

Get a 15 minute website review or blog critique, by video. Reviewer visits your site for the first time live on camera and gives their impressions, tests out some of the pages and functions and carries out a test you ask for such as signing up to your newsletter.

One of the ways you can make money from your site is to offer products and services for sale. That can be physical products such as items you’ve made, or digital products such as e-book downloads, planners, sewing patterns etc.  Or you can sell your expertise, your know-how and experience. That’s what I’m starting to offer on this site on my Hire Me page.  The benefit of my expertise and experience in blogging, creating successful sites, and earning good money from them. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to get a site review and critique, all made live on camera … Continue reading

The day I took my laptop apart! There is a point to this…

My laptop broke down and learning how to successfully repair it myself taught me 3 valuable lessons about blogging and what we have to offer the world.

There IS a point to this apparently pointless article.  In fact there are three points I want to make.  Sometimes we all ramble on and on with a good intention, but there is always a reason why and the random ramblings here are no exception. The point for me – my laptop stopped working and I needed it fixed.  That’s where I started with this, but come the end of my trials with screwdriver, I realised there was more to this than just the necessity of repairing something that was broken. So it all started when I answered a few emails … Continue reading

The start of something new

The start of something new for 2016 from Deby Coles

So New Year, another birthday passed (yesterday on 1st January) and a new opportunity to start afresh and do things differently.  So here I am, starting something new and deciding I really should do things differently.  What is this going to be?  I really don’t know yet. What am I going to write about?  I suspect I’ll ramble on a lot because I usually do although I plan to write partly about my online experiences in the blogging world.  I also hope to learn how to cook this year.  And maybe lose a few pounds – although I’m not sure … Continue reading