Turn your Etsy shop into a sales machine! Video class

I heard back from several of you that you really enjoyed and benefited from an earlier class I told you about on Creative Live, called Monetize Your Craft.  Well today I’m delighted to give you the heads-up on another class that I think you’ll probably LOVE if you have an Etsy store, or similar, or were thinking of starting one. In this class on Creative Live called Turn Your Etsy Shop Into a Sales Machine, the instructor Lisa Jacobs will teach you over 3 full sessions how to: Build an Etsy Storefront that sells What it takes to get your Etsy … Continue reading

Genuine work at home earning opportunity for bloggers

At last a genuine work at home opportunity for moms, retired, students and more. No skills required, just a computer, tablet or cell phone. Earn money reviewing and testing websites. Free to join, quick to learn, and fun to do! $3 for a 5 min review or $10 for a 15 min review.

Last week I wrote an article about how you could get a free video critique/review of your website, blog, or social media account or page via Peek.  Have you done that yet?  If not, you really should give it a try to find out exactly how a first-time visitor to your site navigates around, what their first impression are, and more.  Plus, it’s free.  You can get up to three reviews a month. So now assuming you got your review(s), what did you think about it?  Is this something you can see yourself doing as a reviewer?  There are lots … Continue reading

Become an affiliate for Grammarly

With a $25 sign up bonus, lead commission on free sign ups and $20 flat rate per sale, this is a great affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers.

Have you ever heard of Grammarly before? If not, you should go and check it out because it’s a great service. Since my stroke, my language skills aren’t what they were. Sometimes I misspell words, but more than likely I will use the wrong word altogether. It’s spelled correctly, but it’s the wrong word in the wrong place. Normally a regular spell-checker can’t pick up on this sort of problem, so I installed Grammarly and now my writing has really improved. I highly recommend it to anyone who writes online, such as blogging, or even for things like emails, forums … Continue reading

Video class – Monetize your Craft

Free video class. Monetize Your Craft. All the ways your creative skills can be used to make money, and it extends well beyond just making things to sell! Interesting sections on licensing and getting published too.

I know that many of you following along will be ‘crafty’. You make things either as a hobby, for enjoyment, for gifts or to sell. Blogging is only one way to monetize your crafting habit. In this class on Creative Live called Monetize Your Craft, the instructor Vickie Howell, will teach over nine lessons how to: Pitch your ideas to publishers Get your creations licensed Feel confident when selling, and talking about your craft Promote yourself and your craft and lots more. “Whether you want to make just a little bit of extra spending cash for your family, or if … Continue reading

Which affiliate marketing merchants are best for your blog?

More than 40 recommended merchant affiliate programs to sign up for. I had no idea these all gave free stuff, or such huge discounts to their affiliates!

Affiliate marketing always was, and still is, the largest segment of my earnings, both from my sewing site and my previous blogging site.  Everyone always wanted to know how I did it.  Which affiliate marketing merchants pay the best?  Well, I’ll reveal more in a later article about my thoughts, tips and strategies for affiliate marketing but for now, here’s a thought for you. “Many small streams may combine to make a mighty river.” (Danish proverb I believe.) Why restrict yourself to 3 or 4 merchants to work with when there are thousands out there to choose from.  Now of … Continue reading