Your blog essentials checklist to download

Are you missing out on some of the basic essentials on your site? Blogging essentials checklist to download so you can carry out a quick site audit and check ALL those boxes!

Are you missing out?  Is there an essential feature that every site should have that is missing from your site?  Does this mean you are missing out on traffic, followers or missing out on potential opportunities? It’s really important to have the right elements on your site if you want to succeed.  Sometimes in the whole excitement of setting up and then the rush to create content and share all the ideas you have on your mind just waiting to explode out – you can miss some of the fundamentals. If you want: great engagement from your readers easy navigation … Continue reading

How to make Lists in Twitter & 20 ways to use them

How to make lists in Twitter. Step by step to learn why and then how to make lists in Twitter and what they can do for you and your blog/business. Bonus - 20+ ideas on how to use your lists.

  It’s funny how sometimes we can miss the obvious, and this is one area that I’ve been missing out on so maybe some of you have too.  Twitter LISTS – I didn’t even know such a thing existed until I saw someone I was following had ‘Lists’ shown on their profile so I had to learn more about what they are, how to set them up and why you might want one or more lists on Twitter. A list is a curated group of Twitter users. You can create your own lists or subscribe to lists created by others. … Continue reading

Why do you need ‘hosting’ for your website?

Hosting 101, what is hosting, how does it work, why do you need it and what sorts of hosting are there to choose from?

So you bought a domain name for your website or blog.  Great!  But now you have that, what can you actually do with it?  In truth, not much.  You have an address, a bit like a mailbox or PO Box number, but you don’t have any property.  No place to anchor your virtual mailbox.  Nowhere you can call ‘home’ for your new planned website. To build your blog or website, you need real estate.  A cleared piece of land on which you can build, where you can anchor your mailbox that is your domain name address, and where people can visit … Continue reading

Easiest way to add social media icons to your blog

Simply the quickest and easiest way to add stylish and custom social media icons to your Wordpress website. Wow, I had struggled so much - wish I'd seen this earlier!

Getting traffic to your website is the ultimate goal of most bloggers.  Traffic leads to followers, sales, income – or whatever else the goal might be for your site.  Having an active following on social media is a great way to get visits to your site, but in order to do that you have to actually show your visitors clearly where and how they can follow you.  This is often easily achieved by adding a section of social media icons to your sidebar. In the past, when I first started it wasn’t so easy.  You had to find a set … Continue reading

WordPress Plugins – a beginners guide

I’m a dedicated WordPress blogger.  I wouldn’t use anything else, and one of the reasons why is the huge array of add-ons you can get to the WordPress system that basically allow your site to be customised in thousands of different ways, and to function exactly how you like, and in ways you can only start to imagine! These add-ons to the basic framework are called WordPress Plugins and here is my beginner’s guide on what they can do, how to find and install them, and just a few ways you can use them. What exactly is a WordPress Plugin? … Continue reading