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With a $25 sign up bonus, lead commission on free sign ups and $20 flat rate per sale, this is a great affiliate marketing opportunity for bloggers.Have you ever heard of Grammarly before? If not, you should go and check it out because it’s a great service. Since my stroke, my language skills aren’t what they were. Sometimes I misspell words, but more than likely I will use the wrong word altogether. It’s spelled correctly, but it’s the wrong word in the wrong place.

Normally a regular spell-checker can’t pick up on this sort of problem, so I installed Grammarly and now my writing has really improved. I highly recommend it to anyone who writes online, such as blogging, or even for things like emails, forums and Facebook status updates.

However, the awesome features of Grammarly and how you can use it are already covered in this previous article. This article is to discuss the prospects of earning money from the Grammarly service by becoming an affiliate – so this recommendation is two-fold. Use it and recommend it/sell it to others.

How to earn money from Grammarly

Grammarly is part of the ShareASale affiliate network.  They feature on the Grammarly program article because not only do they pay you for leads – getting signs ups to their FREE service, but they also pay you an introductory bonus for signing up with them.  Earn your income three ways:

  1. Earn 20c each time someone you refer over to Grammarly signs up for a free account with them.  Great! Earn money by giving away something useful and free.  That sounds like a great idea.
  2. Earn a flat rate $20 if any of those users sign up to the paid Premium service.
  3. When I signed up to be an affiliate their welcome email came with a nice surprise bonus.  Add a link back to Grammarly on a relevant page of your site within two weeks of being accepted into the program and receive a $25 bonus paid into your ShareASale account!

With a 90-day cookie period, attractive banners and a conversion rate approaching 30%, this is a must-have program to include in your affiliate offerings.  Even if you don’t intend to make this a major contributor, do sign up and claim your introductory bonus and keep it in your arsenal.  Great for anyone who writes online, educators, students, homeschoolers and lots more. Join Grammarly's Affiliate Program

Sign up to become a Grammarly affiliate

Action points:

  1. Sign up to ShareASale affiliate network if you aren’t already a member
  2. Sign up to the Grammarly affiliate program
  3. Add a banner/link to your site
  4. Check out these other recommended affiliate programs that offer sign up bonuses, great affiliate discounts etc
  5. Earn more money!
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3 Responses to Become an affiliate for Grammarly

  1. I will definitely be adding this one as I am a fan of grammarly. I am a doctoral student as well as a Librarian so love it

  2. Liv says:

    I love grammarly. I had no idea they had an affiliate program. Thanks so much!

  3. Katie says:

    Love grammerly thank you for this article! I appreciate the links to affiliate programs too!

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